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What Han Solo taught me about biblical genocide

Let’s admit it: Han shot first. Han Solo is a cold-blooded murdering thug, not to mention a slimy double-crossing no-good swindler. At the same time, Han Solo is awesome. He is one of us. I have a similar problem with my Judeo-Christian heritage. My spiritual forebears were spittle-emitting genocidal religious fanatics. I am one them; they are my people. But what I discover in the Bible is a God who is subverting our violent mythologies from within, taking us all somewhere we have never been before…


The 3 quests of the spiritual geek

1. Destroy the Ring. 2. Learn the ways of the Force. 3. Join the crew of [insert name of starship]. If you’re into sci-fi and fantasy and comics, it might not [just] be because you’re immature, but because it’s there more than anywhere else that your path becomes clear.