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Wang surgery no substitute for Jesus

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If someone tries to convince you that you have to convince God to like you, do NOT let their delusion become yours. SCREW THAT.


John 16.20-28 – Face-to-face with Papa

You will weep while the crowds cheer.  But your grief will give way to joy. (21) Giving birth is painful, but the pain is nothing compared to the joy of having a new baby. (22) You will have pain, but when I see you again on the third day, you will have joy, and no one will be able to take it away from you. (23) On that day, you will not ask me for things.  Instead, you will ask Papa in my name, and she will give to you.  (24) This will be a change from how things were...


“End-Timey” stuff in The Shack Bible

Dear ShackBible readers, You may have noticed that The Shack Bible approaches “end-times” stuff a little differently than what some of us are used to.  For an example, look at my paraphrase of Matthew 24 and compare it to what you hear on Christian radio.  Anyway, The Shack itself doesn’t really address this topic.  But there is a coherent vision of God behind it all, and I have tried to take that way of thinking and use it to approach the various biblical texts that talk about this kind of thing. Just in case this sort of thing is interesting...

John 1.1-18 – Live inside the omnipotent bear hug, you will. 4

John 1.1-18 – Live inside the omnipotent bear hug, you will.

From behind and above and before all things was The Force, surrounding us and binding us.  The Force was with Papa, and The Force was God together with Papa and Sarayu (2) from the very beginning. (3) Everything that exists, came into being because The Force called it forth. (4) The Force is the beginning of aliveness, the Life that is the key that unlocks all knowledge. (5)  The  Force has invaded the Dark Side, and the Dark Side has lost. (6) Papa sent a man named John (7) to tell everybody about the Force. (8) [And for the sake...


Ascended to the kitchen

I get a lot out of The Shack‘s emotionally satisfying vision of God, but I’m a thinker, as well as a feeler.  I’m a scientist; I’m interested in finding the structures and patterns of how the real world works.  So when I read The Shack, I’m also asking questions like: “Is this the way things really are?  How do we know?  Why do they work this way and not some other way?” I bring it up because today (May 17, 2012) is a celebration of an historical event that changed the nature of the cosmos into the basic situation we...