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Data is holy

Geeks can find themselves in a variety of religious traditions (including atheism), but there is something in all geeks that binds us together in a unique way — the sacredness of data. When we call something sacred or holy, what we mean is that when we meet with that object/place/event, we encounter the glow of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Our spirituality is our way of relating to the sacred. Geeks are scientists, and for us, data is holy. The Gospel of Science is that data can be trusted. Whatever geek spirituality is, this is one of the places it starts.


Is death going extinct?

Does the overall behavior of the universe change over time? I represent a tradition of people who claim to have observed evidence that the universe’s behavior is going through a kind of phase change. The Jesus-event we call “Easter” is indicative of what is happening to the cosmos as a whole. Time will tell if we are right about that.


Carl Sagan, healer of my soul

I am made of “star-stuff.” I am part of how the cosmos is knowing itself. And the particles of my body may someday be part of a star or a planet or maybe even some alien person gazing up and the stars and wondering if I ever existed. Realizing all of this, I have never felt so blessed and so loved. Reality — whatever it is — deserves my loyalty. That’s the religion Carl Sagan taught me.


Geeks and their texts

I am a science geek, and I love the Bible. If you have a geeky spirituality that involves a set of sacred texts (Bible, Quran, Torah, Sutras, Vedas, or whatever), you know how hard this can be.  We’ve all been taught that Science and Religion are mortal enemies, and anyone who embraces both is just confused. How to manage this?  I’ve been wrestling with this issue since like the 5th grade, and here’s what I’ve learned to keep in mind: 1.  In Theology, I am studying God, not the texts that talk about God. Now and then, people run into...