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Woe to you who use the Bible to serve your fear of learning

We sin against our scriptures when we use them to serve our fear of learning. This is the lesson I wanted my kids to learn from last night’s family Lent discipline — watching COSMOS. For Lent, we are giving up smallness of vision. As a family, we are facing the delightful terror of discovery.


Geeked-Out Soul wants your big delicious BRAAAIINS…

If this blog does what I want it to do, what will that look like?  Simple: The biggest brains working on the biggest questions. There’s some history behind why our biggest brains today avoid the biggest questions: The Greeks chopped up the world into 2 pieces–the real world of ideal forms, and the illusory world of space, time, and matter.  That’s why all their biggest brains focused on the “real world” of logic, instead of observing and experimenting with natural phenomena and illusory “data.” The Medieval world adopted this structure, changing the labels to “spirit” and “flesh,” but left the...