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Jesus’ TED Talk #4: Be like unto Katie

Ruling in my kingdom means being a hospitable space for Katie to be Katie and for you to be you. But if instead you introduce Katie to the global Game of rivalry and hate, it would better for you to sleep with the fishes in concrete shoes. Woe to the world for the games it wants to play with Katie! Woe to the advertisers who will teach her to despise herself so that she will buy their products! Woe to the politicians who will turn Katie into just another hate-cog for their political machines! Woe to that sicko who lures Katie into The Game.


Superheroes questioning violence?

If you want to know what someone believes, look at their superheroes.  Think of an old-timey superhero — Popeye, for instance.  He is evidence of our long-held belief that the solution to our problems is punching (especially punches powered by leafy greens). The superhero idea since then has evolved along basically the same lines, minus the emphasis on vegetables.  We believe in bad guys who are the source of our problems, and we believe in good guys who (if they have big fists and/or big guns) are the solution to the problem. Something interesting is happening, though.  Over the past...


Jesus’ TED Talk #2 (Matthew 10)

Today I wrote a guest post at Patheos –a really hospitable space for all kinds of religious and non-religious conversation.  It’s one of a series of posts where I re-imagine Jesus’ five big sermons as TED Talks, in which he Educates people in God’s new Design for a world that runs on the Technology called love. This one leans heavily on Mimetic Theory — an anthropological description of the mechanics of human violence, human sacrifice in particular. >>Read the post at Patheos.com