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Emergence Christianity on Money, Sex, and Power

Every permutation of Christianity has its own distinctive approach to the 3 great “powers that be” in human life — Money, Sex, and Power. As what some have called “Emergence Christianity” slowly settles into the core features of its emerging identity, how is it responding to The Big Three? The answers may surprise you…


Big Data predicts Riots in 2020

Remember Psychohistory — the fictional science in Asimov’s FOUNDATION saga, in which Hari Seldon used mathematical models to predict the overall behavior of large human populations? Well, it’s a little bit real… Have you ever noticed that the United States has massive outbreaks of violence every 50 years or so? Remember the Civil War (~1870)? The Depression (~1920)? Civil Rights protests (~1970)? New historical data plus Big-Data tools are giving rise to a mathematical approach to human history. And oh yeah, it predicts that the years around 2020 could be a bit rough…


Cain and Abel: 10,000 B.C.

It’s 10,000 B.C.  You live in a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers who have recently added goat-herding to your food production repertoire.  But one of your neighboring tribes has started farming—planting and harvesting crops from their single permanent settlement.  Their slash-and-burn technique gave them a couple good harvests until it depleted the soil and stopped producing. They sacrifice a portion of their crop to El (just like you do with your goats), but El is no longer rewarding them with good harvests.  They work their butts off from sunrise to sunset every day (in contrast to your 14-hour work week), but...