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How I talk to my kids about Noah

Extinction events (like during the climate turmoil, flooding, and mass die-off at the end of the last Ice Age) are hard times to hold on to the belief that God loves and cares for his creatures. But our people took the “The gods want us all dead!” story and tweaked it. The result is a story about a guy named Noah…


Week 4: The Drama of Desire

Humans naturally desire the things other people desire, which makes us into rivals who are competing to get the same thing. This kind of rivalry can lead us into all kinds of nastiness, as we will see in this week’s family exploration of Genesis 3.


Week 2: Being Human

Have you ever thought about how God creates? When faced with a dark / formless / chaotic emptiness, the Spirit of God hovered above it, thinking “How can I make something beautiful out of this?” To be made in God’s image is to have the same opportunity to be creative with what life throws at us.


We Make the Road With Kids

Click here for the full 52-week curriculum: http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=ccdd40202d4263a8788bf307f&id=d18b3970c4 We Make the Road With Kids is a 52-week curriculum for a year-long family trek through the Bible, following its overarching storyline as laid out in Brian McLaren’s We Make the Road by Walking.  We started this because we wanted to induct our children (12, 9, and 2) into our love for the Bible, and into a kind of Christian faith that we think is worth believing in.  Our weekly after-dinner conversations include Scripture readings, watching some YouTube, an extremely short “teaching” section (Don’t worry, each week’s lesson includes a ‘script’ for this) —...


Genesis: Duck Dynasty with Sheep

I have loved the book of Genesis in the way I might love a crazy alcoholic uncle who ruins Thanksgivings. But since reading Genesis and the Decline of Civilization, I have begun to enjoy this uncle’s company again. He’s still crazy, but it’s a more of a Yoda-when-he-first-meets-Luke kind of crazy. The author develops a vision of Genesis as the book of a tribal revolution against empire. Think DUCK DYNASTY with sheep. There are even rumors that the real revolution never really ended, and that this revolution may in fact be the last best hope for 21st century humans who are tired of building other people’s pyramids.


My Brother the Ape

It took God one day to make all living things: First, God made Adam out of dirt. Second, he made plants out of dirt. And then third, he made animals out of dirt. Of course, he followed that up by making Eve out of Adam, which would make her one generation removed from dirt, but that’s still pretty closely related. Genesis 2 taught me that we’re all related to dirt. Darwin taught that we’re all related to each other. I love being connected to everything. I love being related to apes.


Cain and Abel: 10,000 B.C.

It’s 10,000 B.C.  You live in a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers who have recently added goat-herding to your food production repertoire.  But one of your neighboring tribes has started farming—planting and harvesting crops from their single permanent settlement.  Their slash-and-burn technique gave them a couple good harvests until it depleted the soil and stopped producing. They sacrifice a portion of their crop to El (just like you do with your goats), but El is no longer rewarding them with good harvests.  They work their butts off from sunrise to sunset every day (in contrast to your 14-hour work week), but...