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Free resource for a new kind of Christian family

Are you an Emerging-ish parent struggling to share the Bible with your kids? Subscribe for free weekly resources for using Brian McLaren’s We Make the Road by Walking with children, synced with Brian’s recommended calendar sequence.


Emergence Christianity on Money, Sex, and Power

Every permutation of Christianity has its own distinctive approach to the 3 great “powers that be” in human life — Money, Sex, and Power. As what some have called “Emergence Christianity” slowly settles into the core features of its emerging identity, how is it responding to The Big Three? The answers may surprise you…


Phyllis Tickle: The Professor X of Emergence

If my spiritual tribe was the X-Men, Phyllis Tickle would be our Professor X. Phyllis turns 80 today, and here are some of the impossible things she’s done for me: 1). She convinced me that historical cycles were scientifically worth paying attention to. 2). She showed me that fixed-hour prayer can be a wonderful and life-giving spiritual practice. 3). She made me look forward to getting white hair, because it will make me look a little more like her. Happy birthday, Phyllis! We think you’re neat.