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Week 28: A New Path to Aliveness

“The rules are awesome. But you and me, we’re going to be awesomer.” – Jesus, in this week’s installment of We Make the Road With Kids. For the full package for this week, you can subscribe for free to the weekly email newsletter, which includes playlists, teaching scripts, extra activities, coloring pages, archives for previous weeks, access to our super-secret Facebook group full of other parents and ministry workers working through the same issues you are. This week’s playlist is below.  Enjoy!


Week 25: Jesus, Violence, and Power

In this week’s installment of We Make the Road With Kids: The first thing you need to know about Moses and Elijah is that they’re awesome. The second thing you need to know is that, like most heroes, they are violent. And when Peter suggests that Jesus should be that kind of hero too, Jesus reacts…um…strongly…


Week 12: Stories That Shape Us

Israel’s story is a lot like the story of every other civilization — Their society rises and prospers (and things go well, miraculously well, even), so they think God is on their side. Then their society declines and collapses (with no miracles to save the day), so they think God hates them. But being convinced of the faithfulness of God, they are forced to re-think God in terms beyond your everyday petty tribal deities…


What Han Solo taught me about biblical genocide

Let’s admit it: Han shot first. Han Solo is a cold-blooded murdering thug, not to mention a slimy double-crossing no-good swindler. At the same time, Han Solo is awesome. He is one of us. I have a similar problem with my Judeo-Christian heritage. My spiritual forebears were spittle-emitting genocidal religious fanatics. I am one them; they are my people. But what I discover in the Bible is a God who is subverting our violent mythologies from within, taking us all somewhere we have never been before…


Week 9: Freedom!

The main playlist this week consists of “Bondage” from Prince of Egypt, a clip from World Vision about child labor, a good visual telling of the story of how slavery is part of our life in the modern world, “When You Believe” from Prince of Egypt, and a story of one boy in India who came out of slavery and now helps other kids do the same. (~15 minutes)


Week 8: Rivalry or Reconciliation?

The Bible so far has brought up various theories about how God deals with “bad people” — like how God could just kill all the bad people, for example — but those solutions really haven’t solved the problem of people being bad. This week, another theory arises from these stories about brothers . . .


Free resource for a new kind of Christian family

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Models, not Morals

Bible stories don’t give us morals; they give us models of how the universe works. If we share our stories with our kids this way, perhaps they won’t find them so breathtakingly dull. Part of what we have in the Bible is a bunch of mental models, and what we need in our family is a shared way of talking about them… INTRODUCING: Systems Thinking.


Future plans for “We Make the Road with Kids”

COMING SOON to this site: 1). A constantly-evolving set of 52 resource-packed pages for Making the Road with Kids; 2). Weekly emails of resources synched with Brian’s recommended calendar; 3). Resources organized according to age group, learning modality, and spiritual style; 4). New ways to interact with other parents and church folks. We are, after all, making this road together.


Week 3: A World of Meaning

This week’s video playlist features various big-picture ideas about life, including Conflict (Conan the Barbarian: “Crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of the women”), Consumption/Wealth, the meaningless Bigness of the universe (from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”), Yoda’s ruminations on The Force, an awesome auto-tuned song on how “We are all connected,” George Carlin’s “Stuff” bit, plus video renditions of all our Scripture texts.