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Week 6: Plotting Goodness

Abraham and Sarah made a shocking discovery: Yahweh doesn’t care about sacrifices; Yahweh just wants to bless the world. That’s why Abraham and Sarah get blessed, so that they and all their descendants (including us!) can be a blessing to the world.


NOAH: How can ninja rock monsters be bad?

PRO: Included “the Watchers” from the Book of Enoch, a book quoted in the Bible as authoritative scripture. CON: They were ninja rock monsters. PRO: Wait a minute, ninja rock monsters are cool! CON: But the Bible can’t be that weird of a book! PRO: Well, yes, it really is…


Genesis: Duck Dynasty with Sheep

I have loved the book of Genesis in the way I might love a crazy alcoholic uncle who ruins Thanksgivings. But since reading Genesis and the Decline of Civilization, I have begun to enjoy this uncle’s company again. He’s still crazy, but it’s a more of a Yoda-when-he-first-meets-Luke kind of crazy. The author develops a vision of Genesis as the book of a tribal revolution against empire. Think DUCK DYNASTY with sheep. There are even rumors that the real revolution never really ended, and that this revolution may in fact be the last best hope for 21st century humans who are tired of building other people’s pyramids.