Need a speaker?

john2-7-5-11John Stonecypher is a sought-after speaker for Christian conferences and other spirituality-oriented events.  In venues which have recently ranged from The Journey church to the Christianity21 conference, John gives fun, engaging talks on topics like:

  • How quantum mechanics made me a trinitarian
  • Jesus’ Big Five sermons in 7 minutes
  • Historical cycles, or “Jesus done extincted my dang civilization”
  • How to share your faith without being an ass
  • Mimetic Theory, Scapegoating, and why I don’t like The Breakfast Club as much as I used to
  • Does carrying your cross mean not having boundaries?
  • Rethinking Hell, with a little help from the Church Fathers
  • Reading the Bible in The Shack

An audio sampling of John’s recent talks can be found here.

If you’re interested in having John come to speak at your next event, drop him a line:

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