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3 Ways Fracking is like Abortion

1. Fracking and Abortion are both religious issues. The abortion debate flows from our lack of cultural consensus about what a person is — an inescapably theological question. Fracking is driven by our culture’s religious belief in Progress — the belief that history is an inexorable march in the direction of ever-greater complexity and ever-increasing energy throughput. This peculiar belief system says that because the universe has not yet fulfilled its obligation to provide us with a fuel that’s better than petroleum, we have the cosmic right (and religious duty) to do anything necessary to continue increasing our energy consumption. Our devotion and sense of entitlement to free energy has much in common with a heroin addict’s devotion to heroin. Our way of life is, after all, non-negotiable. Right?


Emergence Christianity on Money, Sex, and Power

Every permutation of Christianity has its own distinctive approach to the 3 great “powers that be” in human life — Money, Sex, and Power. As what some have called “Emergence Christianity” slowly settles into the core features of its emerging identity, how is it responding to The Big Three? The answers may surprise you…


Why I don’t believe in saving the Earth

Because the Earth doesn’t need saving. Mother Earth is a tough bitch, and she does just fine. Earth Day is a celebration of Poor-Bunny Environmentalism. It’s the idea that humans ought to be “nice” to the Earth like it’s a poor little bunny that needs us big powerful humans to treat it with kindness or it will die. The Earth knows how to protect herself. Species that don’t play by her rules don’t last. Period. I’m nice to the Earth for the same reason I’m nice to wolves with their teeth on my neck. The Earth can survive current patterns of human behavior. Humans cannot.

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My Jedi Council

Of all the voices in the world, there are a handful which have proven particularly trustworthy, so I trust them. Together, those voices form a sort of personal Jedi Council for me, and I do all my thinking and decision-making in conversation with them. My Jedi Council includes people, books, movies, and spiritual traditions — all those voices that I find guiding me and my thinking as I navigate life. So here’s my Jedi Council (painfully narrowed down to 12 members)…


Jesus’ TED Talks

This is a much-loved series of posts I wrote for, in which I re-imagine Jesus’ five big sermons as TED Talks, in which he Educates people in God’s new Design for a world that runs on the Technology called love.  TED talk #1: Re-think civilization (Matthew 5-7) TED talk #2: When you love the wrong people (Matthew 11) TED talk #3: How God is like a crazy farmer (Matthew 13) TED talk #4: Be like unto Katie (Matthew 18) TED talk #5: When the Capitol is surrounded by armies (Matthew 24)  


Data is holy

Geeks can find themselves in a variety of religious traditions (including atheism), but there is something in all geeks that binds us together in a unique way — the sacredness of data. When we call something sacred or holy, what we mean is that when we meet with that object/place/event, we encounter the glow of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Our spirituality is our way of relating to the sacred. Geeks are scientists, and for us, data is holy. The Gospel of Science is that data can be trusted. Whatever geek spirituality is, this is one of the places it starts.