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Romans 10.12-15 – What Citizenship is for 0

Romans 10.12-15 – What Citizenship is for

Papa makes no distinction between Citizens and Illegals, because ALL live under the rule of one Master.  And all who want Him receive Him: “He gives wholeness to everyone who asks it of Him.” (14) THIS is where the role of “Citizen” becomes relevant.  Because: Illegals won’t put their lives into the hands of Someone they don’t trust. They won’t trust Someone they’ve never heard of. They won’t hear about Him unless someone tells them. (15) No one will tell them without being sent to tell them. That is what Citizens are for–Carrying the good news of Citizenship for all! ...

Romans 10.1-11 – Relax into Reality 2

Romans 10.1-11 – Relax into Reality

If your lips agree with Papa’s lips, speaking the truth that Jesus is in charge of everything, and when your core beliefs are re-arranged around the fact that Papa has raised Jesus from the dead–you will be made whole, safe from the lies that imprison the whole world. To believe the truth is to open yourself to what Jesus has given you–a new, RIGHT relationship with all things. To speak the truth is to receive healing into your soul.

Romans 9.30-33 – Illegal Immigrants 0

Romans 9.30-33 – Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are living the Good Life that was supposed to be for law-abiding citizens. Did they have to work for this? No! Their lives are good simply because they believe the truth about Papa and about themselves. (31) Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens have been working their fingers to the bone, trying to obey the rules, but they have not found the Good Life that Torah wanted for them.

Roman 9.27-29 – Some will survive 1

Roman 9.27-29 – Some will survive

Remember what the prophet Isaiah said: Israel will have as many children as the beach has sand, but only a few of them will survive (28) the cataclysmic sorting-out that is coming.” and: We will not go extinct like Sodom and Gomorrah did, for Papa will see to it that some of us survive.”

Romans 9.14-26 – Papa adopts whoever she wants to 0

Romans 9.14-26 – Papa adopts whoever she wants to

(14) In Papa’s mission to bless the world, she chooses different people for different roles in that mission.  Does that mean Papa is unfair? Of course not! (15) Remember what she told Moses: “I will shower my kindness on whomever I want to.” (16) It’s not about how skilled we are at jumping through hoops.  It’s all about Papa, the One who shows kindness.  (17) Remember what she said to Pharaoh: “I have prepared you to be one through whom my power will be displayed, so that the whole world will know me.” (18) Papa has free reign in the...

Rom 9.1-13 – It’s not about DNA. It’s about a relationship of trust. 0

Rom 9.1-13 – It’s not about DNA. It’s about a relationship of trust.

(9.1) Here is the truth about me—sharpened in Jesus and confirmed by Sarayu: (2) I live in constant, aching grief for my people. (3) If it would cause them to know Jesus, I would happily give up MY relationship with him. (4) They are Israel—“They Who Grapple With God.”  In their wrestling Papa has given them: Adoption as Papa’s children The shining gaze of Papa’s face Papa’s covenants with humanity Torah from Papa’s own finger The way into Papa’s presence The promises of Papa (5) Their DNA comes from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  From their DNA comes the Messiah, the...

Rom 8.26-30 – To participate in THE Future 0

Rom 8.26-30 – To participate in THE Future

Whatever weaknesses we have, they are MORE than made up for by Sarayu’s strength. When we don’t know how to talk to Papa, it is Sarayu in us who does the talking for us, expressing what’s inside us in ways too deep for words. (27) She knows us deep in the guts of our soul, and she shares her knowing with Papa. (28) The Triune love is the future of the cosmos, THE destination of history.  As we respond to the call to participate in that future, we find that all things (even our sufferings) are all part of the...

Eph 6.10-24 – Power. 0

Eph 6.10-24 – Power.

(10) Finally, brothers and sisters, live strong. Move through the world with Sarayu’s unbounded strength in your muscles. (11) Everyday, before you face the Enemy, gear up. (12) Remember, we fight not AGAINST bad people but FOR them. We make war with the evil forces and mythologies that still darken the minds of Papa’s children, and we shall not relent until darkness lies dead at our feet. (13) So get your armor on. Put on the Trinity—Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. In them you are bulletproof: (14) Stand, warrior of Light, and be true. Truth is your belt; without it, everything...

Eph 5.21-6.9 – The dance of mutual submission 0

Eph 5.21-6.9 – The dance of mutual submission

Jesus lays down his life for you and for everyone around you. To share in his glorious life is to share in his self-emptying, to put it on every day like a garment. So lay down your lives for one another; SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER.  Here are some examples of what I mean: (22) Wives, look at how Jesus lays down his life for your husband. Join him in doing that. (23) As Jesus takes care of the church, as the head takes care of the body, your husband’s job is to take care of you. (24) Receive your husband’s...

Eph 5.1-20 – Get high on Sarayu 1

Eph 5.1-20 – Get high on Sarayu

(5.1) Set your heart on growing up to be like your Papa who loves you so much.  (2) The Master loved us, gave up everything for us, giving himself completely to Papa on our behalf.  This is the love that has eternally embraced you.  Live in that.  Put it on. Wear it. (3) Be especially careful in matters regarding: Your sexuality Your consumption of resources Your mouth  These are forces more powerful than you realize, and they require rock-solid boundaries if they are to be handled safely. (4)  Don’t talk trash; speak gratitude.  (5) To fill your life with out-of-control...