My Yoda

Jesus is sort of like my Yoda. He heads up my Jedi Council; what he has to say carries a lot of weight for me, more than anybody else.  I learn a lot from Buddha and Tolkien and Whedon, but Jesus is my ultimate go-to guy.  I have found him (like Yoda) to be consistently brilliant and worth listening to.

That said, Jesus is more than my Yoda.  Yoda was awesome in the Force, but he never claimed to BE the Force.  But Jesus… He said some strange things about his relationship with the Force, and that complicates things for people like me who for whatever reason want to take Jesus seriously.

I dislike the label “Christian,” since that word has a lot of baggage attached to it, baggage that I am happy to say I abandoned at baggage claim and never looked back. Still, I believe Jesus of Nazareth is the secret behind the cosmos (in addition to having a lot of brilliant things to say), so if you want to put me in a box, the box labeled “Christian” is probably the most accurate.

The way I see it, people ought to share their best things, their treasures, with each other.  When my Buddhist friends share their treasure with me, it is an honor, and I love learning from them.  My treasure is Jesus.  He is beyond value to me.  That is why I choose to be pretty open about my faith—because I think treasures are meant to be shared with the people you love.

Feel free to take or leave any or all of the things I say when talking from my Jesus-y point of view.  I really don’t need you to agree with me.  But I hope you’ll share your treasure with me too.

Yoda would expect nothing less of us.

Who is YOUR Yoda?

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