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Some definitions

GEEK OUT: (v.) Losing one’s cool when in the presence of something Cool.
COOL: (adj.) Uniquely and strikingly embodying Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (Synonyms: holy, sacred)
SPIRITUALITY: (n.) One’s way of relating to the Cool
REAL-WORLD SPIRITUALITY: (n.) Relating to Coolness as if it is actually there.


Our day of ashes

Ash Wednesday is symbolic solidarity of those who aren’t suffering much with those who are suffering more. Today we are all Jordanian pilots and reporters who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Today we are all Palestinian refugees, Israeli shopkeepers, and World Trade Center office workers. Today we are all gays in the Upstairs Lounge, Jews under Auschwitz, Buddhists in China’s cultural revolution, Cherokees on the Trail of Tears, Gypsies under the Inquisition, Muslims in the Crusades, Christians in the Colosseum, and Israelites in Egypt. Today is our day of ashes.

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My Jedi Council

Of all the voices in the world, there are a handful which have proven particularly trustworthy, so I trust them. Together, those voices form a sort of personal Jedi Council for me, and I do all my thinking and decision-making in conversation with them. My Jedi Council includes people, books, movies, and spiritual traditions — all those voices that I find guiding me and my thinking as I navigate life. So here’s my Jedi Council (painfully narrowed down to 12 members)…


Data is holy

Geeks can find themselves in a variety of religious traditions (including atheism), but there is something in all geeks that binds us together in a unique way — the sacredness of data. When we call something sacred or holy, what we mean is that when we meet with that object/place/event, we encounter the glow of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Our spirituality is our way of relating to the sacred. Geeks are scientists, and for us, data is holy. The Gospel of Science is that data can be trusted. Whatever geek spirituality is, this is one of the places it starts.


The 3 quests of the spiritual geek

1. Destroy the Ring. 2. Learn the ways of the Force. 3. Join the crew of [insert name of starship]. If you’re into sci-fi and fantasy and comics, it might not [just] be because you’re immature, but because it’s there more than anywhere else that your path becomes clear.


What we talk about when we talk about God

What We Talk About When We Talk About God, by Rob Bell.  This gets at a lot of the reasons why I don’t like normal “God talk,” but why I can’t stop paying attention to this thing that I don’t have any better word for.


Real-world spirituality?

When I geek-out over science or books or technology or whatever, it’s not [just] because I’m immature.  Geeking-out is about recognizing Goodness, Truth and Beauty, and responding with Joy: I get excited about Doctor Who because it is Good. I love The Hunger Games because it is True. I dream about String Theory because it is Beautiful. I believe that when I experience the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, I am glimpsing the heart of Reality.  When the ancients had such encounters, they used words like “Sacred” and “Holy.”  My word for it is “Cool.” My spirituality is my...