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Columbus Day is a Good Day

COLUMBUS DAY IS A GOOD DAY for me to remember what my people did when we arrived on these shores, to grieve with the people we did it to, to be mindful of the ways we still benefit from it, to repeal the law that made it “legal,” and to repent of the perverse religiosity that made it “holy.”


Cain and Abel: 10,000 B.C.

It’s 10,000 B.C.  You live in a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers who have recently added goat-herding to your food production repertoire.  But one of your neighboring tribes has started farming—planting and harvesting crops from their single permanent settlement.  Their slash-and-burn technique gave them a couple good harvests until it depleted the soil and stopped producing. They sacrifice a portion of their crop to El (just like you do with your goats), but El is no longer rewarding them with good harvests.  They work their butts off from sunrise to sunset every day (in contrast to your 14-hour work week), but...