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Breaking up with Slavery is hard to do

A boy named Joe and Slavery were in love.  They did everything together. But after a while, his friends started bad-mouthing Slavery. They started spreading rumors and blaming Slavery for everything bad in the world. So Joe decided to break up with Slavery—even though she had done so much for him. As soon as she was gone, Joe realized that life was very different without Slaves… He was feeling a little sad, so he went to the kitchen to get something to eat but without Slaves, he didn’t have many options. Joe quickly realized that without Slavery, his home didn’t...


3 Ways Fracking is like Abortion

1. Fracking and Abortion are both religious issues. The abortion debate flows from our lack of cultural consensus about what a person is — an inescapably theological question. Fracking is driven by our culture’s religious belief in Progress — the belief that history is an inexorable march in the direction of ever-greater complexity and ever-increasing energy throughput. This peculiar belief system says that because the universe has not yet fulfilled its obligation to provide us with a fuel that’s better than petroleum, we have the cosmic right (and religious duty) to do anything necessary to continue increasing our energy consumption. Our devotion and sense of entitlement to free energy has much in common with a heroin addict’s devotion to heroin. Our way of life is, after all, non-negotiable. Right?