My Jedi Council

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Of all the voices in the world, there are a handful which have proven particularly trustworthy, so I trust them. Together, those voices form a sort of personal Jedi Council for me, and I do all my thinking and decision-making in conversation with them.  My Jedi Council includes people, books, movies, and spiritual traditions — all those voices that I find guiding me and my thinking as I navigate life.

So here’s my Jedi Council (painfully narrowed down to 12 members):

  1. Jesus (my Yoda and more) *
  2. Firefly (Joss Whedon)
  3. Martin Luther King (Baptist preacher, activist)
  4. Isaiah (Jewish prophet)
  5. Albert Einstein (scientist)
  6. Brian McLaren (Christian theologian, activist)
  7. Star Wars (duh)
  8. Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist monk)
  9. Paul (Christian apostle)
  10. John Michael Greer (Druid cleric)
  11. C. Baxter Kruger (Christian theologian)
  12. The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)

* You’ll notice that a really important piece of my Jedi Council is the Bible — the community library of my tradition, a still-evolving artifact of a messy, ongoing 4,000-year conversation between my people and this Reality we call “God.”

Other geeked-out souls may have different sacred texts (or none), but I suggest it would be fruitful for us to think of them all in terms of the Jedi Council metaphor.  I think it will open space for us to share with and learn from each other without getting bogged down in the tired old pissing contest of “My-God-can-beat-up-your-God.”

So, who’s on your Jedi Council?

Write your own list of 12 in the comments below.



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  2. A friend of mine gave me his list of 12 Jedi Council members, but didn’t want to start a Disqus account, so I’m pasting it here for him:

    Hafiz (Sufi mystic poet)
    Paulo Coelho (Brazilian author)
    Walt Whitman (American poet)
    Rainer Maria Rilke (Austrian poet)
    Khalil Gibran (Lebanese poet)
    Patrick Stewart (British actor, humanitarian)
    Stephen Colbert (American comedian)
    Dalai Llama (Tibetan holy man)
    Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor/Philosopher)
    KRS-ONE (American Hip-Hop artist)
    Talib Kweli (American Hip-Hop artist)
    William Shakespeare (English poet/playwright)

    1. I may have to bump my list up to 13, just so I can include Captain Picard too.

  3. carlholmes says:

    Wendell Berry (poet)
    Eugene Peterson (theologian)
    Kierkeggard (theologian)
    Paulo Cohello (writer and activist)
    Hafiz (poet)
    Spock (duhh)
    Patrick Rothfuss (A most tantalizing and vivid fantasy storyteller)
    Ender (Of Enders game.. LONG before the movie)
    Shakespeare (epic writing, quick whit and the love of snark, all while being profund. Something I can only hope to be)
    Walt Whitman
    Mark Twain
    Q. (Star trek) Pain in the ass, always asking questions, always trying to be better; all while omniscient and omnipresent… COOL!

    1. Carl, I think YOU may be a Q…

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