Are you a geek?

A geek is someone who geeks out about something.  When geeks engage with something Cool (in the sense of awesome), they can lose their ability to act cool (in the sense of The Fonz).

Traditionally, the label has applied primarily to people who geek out about a certain set of subjects:

  • Science and/or Math
  • Technology
  • Science Fiction
  • Comic Books
  • [You get the idea]

But the label is expanding to include those who geek out about any subject.  What is ESPN but non-stop geeking-out about sports?  What is Paris Fashion Week but Comic-Con for fashion geeks?


What do you geek out about?


  1. My Geek-Out List: Science, Theology, Systems Theory, Science Fiction, Big History, Parenting, Permaculture, Technology… This list will probably grow as I think of more…

  2. Books and all things book-related, Sci-Fi TV shows, Organizing, and Chai. That’s just off the top of my head. I know I geek out about more than that. 😉

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