Some definitions

GEEK OUT: (v.) Losing one’s cool when in the presence of something Cool.

COOL: (adj.) Uniquely and strikingly embodying Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (Synonyms: holy, sacred)

SPIRITUALITY: (n.) One’s way of relating to the Cool

REAL-WORLD SPIRITUALITY: (n.) Relating to Coolness as if it is actually there.


I’m a geek with a spiritual side. Or a spiritual person with a geeky side.  I thought it might be fun to blog about the fun I have in bringing those two sides of me together.

The big idea I’m playing with is that geeking-out can be a kind of religious experience:

  • When I camp out on the pavement with my friends while waiting for a midnight showing of Star Wars…
  • When I frighten my grandmother with over-enthusiasm while trying to explain String Theory…
  • When I do the dance of joy because I finally got a piece of tricky computer code to work right…
  • When I have a 4-hour heated debate about whether Superman can outrun the Flash (which, of course, he can’t)…

…When I geek out in these various ways, I am ecstatically recognizing transcendent Goodness/Truth/Beauty in the world.  I am meeting the Cool face-to-face, and it’s making me act in ways that aren’t cool at all, ways that sometimes involve maniacal laughter and drool.

Whatever Coolness is, it’s part of the real world I live in every day. What this means is that I don’t exactly have a “spiritual life” in addition to my “everyday life.”  I can’t chop up reality in that way.  I live within a singular Reality which I love exploring, but which ultimately confounds and amazes me.

Because when I’m finished with my theorizing and science-ing, I am left with wonder. And gratitude for being included in this amazing thing called the real world.

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