Consent – Talk with your geeklings about it!


I’m mostly focused on the “We Make the Road With Kids” project right now, but one of the next places I want to go with this blog is to talk about Geeks and Sex.  Because, let’s face it, geekiness was generally not valued as girlfriend/boyfriend material when we were in our formative sexual years, and it made life frustrating.  For some of us, being geeks meant being social isolated, and that made our sexual development problematic in a variety of ways.  We need to talk about this, especially as we raise our kids.  Anyway, I will have more to say about that soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this great little comic  below, from our friends at  I’m using it to talk with my boys about how CONSENT works — in sex and in everything.  It’s a concept that is not clear enough in our culture, particularly with men, so it’s an important task for the parents of boys to talk about it.

And it’s a comic, so my boys and I can’t not read it…


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