Week 32B: Everything Must Change (Good Friday)

For Good Friday, I’m sharing the full “script” from the newsletter. Blessings, all!  – John


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Going to the Cross is how Jesus was to save the world, but he REALLY wanted there to be some other way. One of the great mysteries of our faith is “Why was the Cross the only way?”

I believe part of the answer lies in the fact that humans (even normal ordinary “good” people like you and me) have always been willing to sacrifice other humans “for the greater good.” We have always done this, and we still do.

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but there are systems that support our way of life, and those systems cause people to suffer and die. We haven’t yet been able to build systems that work any better.  We are hurting and killing each other right, and we don’t know how to stop…

Think about this: What does it mean that God chose to put himself in the place of the person being sacrificed “for the greater good”?

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[This chapter in We Make the Road by Walking has a recommended activity, or reading a list of Jesus’ teachings while blowing out candles or dropping pebbles in water.  We’re totally doing that part!]

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