Week 9: Freedom!

This week our after-dinner Bible conversation comes to chapter 9 of Brian McLaren’s We Make the Road by Walking.  Below are some of the digital resources we’ll be using. (Subscribe to We Make the Road With Kids (form to the right) for the complete story of how I’m weaving these videos and other resources together to induct my kids into my love for the Bible. You can also join the Facebook group to collaborate with other parents and educators to develop more and better ideas for sharing the Bible with kids).

Video renderings of John 8.1-11 and Galatians 5.13-15:

Then we read the main text out loud to one another:  Exodus 1.1-14; 3.1-15

The main playlist this week consists of “Bondage” from Prince of Egypt, a clip from World Vision about child labor, a good visual telling of the story of how slavery is part of our life in the modern world, “When You Believe” from Prince of Egypt, and a story of one boy in India who came out of slavery and now helps other kids do the same. (~15 minutes)


This playlist has some more graphic (more disturbing) videos about modern-day slavery, plus “God Help the Outcasts” from Hunchback of Notre Dame:

APP: Free2Work – Thinking of buying a particular product?  Scan its barcode and see the slavery “grade” its manufacturer has earned. (It looks like this app is still going through the approval process at iTunes and GooglePlay, so may not be available to use yet).


APP:  Slavery FootprintHow many slaves were used to produce the stuff you already own?  This can be emotionally disturbing.  Use discretion if you want your kids to do this.

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