Week 3: A World of Meaning

mandelbrotToday our family continues our year-long trek through the big storyline of the Bible, using Brian McLaren’s WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING as a guide for inducting our 3 children into our love for the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. 

This week is chapter 3, Being Human, so our Wednesday-night after-dinner conversation will dive deep into Psalm 145.1-16;  Proverbs 8.1-36;  John 1.1-17.


First, we READ the main text (John 1.1-17) out loud together, each of us taking one paragraph at a time.

BibleStoryline-CreationSecond, we WATCH the video playlist I’ve prepared.  The list includes various big-picture ideas about life, including Conflict (Conan the Barbarian: “Crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of the women”), Consumption/Wealth, the meaningless Bigness of the universe (from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”), Yoda’s ruminations on The Force, an awesome auto-tuned song on how “We are all connected,” George Carlin’s “Stuff” bit, plus video renditions of all our Scripture texts:

After the videos, we will play with the different pattern-recognition exercises at the beginning of the chapter in We Make the Road by Walking We use this PDF slideshow to display the patterns and ask/discuss the questions.

Then we have a conversation that lasts as long as we feel like.  Some conversation starters:

  1. What’s one idea from this that is interesting or disturbing or happy or confusing to you?
  2. What would Yoda say if you told him The Force became a particular human being?
  3. Is there a movie you like to watch over and over?  Why do you think you want to see it again and again?
  4. Share a story about a time when you behaved as if life was all about Rivalry, Money, or Pleasure.

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  • Mandy Aspland

    Thanks for this great resource. I had a problem playing the video playlist though. It told me to go and watch the Conan the Barbarian clip on Youtube as ‘playback on other web-sites was disabled by the owner’, but then I wasn’t sure how to watch the rest of the playlist?

    • Ha! Mandy, I’m SO judging your youtube skills right now. 🙂

      • Mandy Aspland

        Ha ha! Keeps me humble all this technical know-how. Next I’ve got to figure out how to show it in church without an internet connection!

  • Mandy Aspland

    Actually I think I just figured it out! My ignorance of how youtube playlists work is on show for all to see. Thanks again. Great site!