Week 3: A World of Meaning

mandelbrotToday our family continues our year-long trek through the big storyline of the Bible, using Brian McLaren’s WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING as a guide for inducting our 3 children into our love for the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. 

This week is chapter 3, Being Human, so our Wednesday-night after-dinner conversation will dive deep into Psalm 145.1-16;  Proverbs 8.1-36;  John 1.1-17.


First, we READ the main text (John 1.1-17) out loud together, each of us taking one paragraph at a time.

BibleStoryline-CreationSecond, we WATCH the video playlist I’ve prepared.  The list includes various big-picture ideas about life, including Conflict (Conan the Barbarian: “Crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of the women”), Consumption/Wealth, the meaningless Bigness of the universe (from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”), Yoda’s ruminations on The Force, an awesome auto-tuned song on how “We are all connected,” George Carlin’s “Stuff” bit, plus video renditions of all our Scripture texts:

After the videos, we will play with the different pattern-recognition exercises at the beginning of the chapter in We Make the Road by Walking We use this PDF slideshow to display the patterns and ask/discuss the questions.

Then we have a conversation that lasts as long as we feel like.  Some conversation starters:

  1. What’s one idea from this that is interesting or disturbing or happy or confusing to you?
  2. What would Yoda say if you told him The Force became a particular human being?
  3. Is there a movie you like to watch over and over?  Why do you think you want to see it again and again?
  4. Share a story about a time when you behaved as if life was all about Rivalry, Money, or Pleasure.


  1. Mandy Aspland says:

    Thanks for this great resource. I had a problem playing the video playlist though. It told me to go and watch the Conan the Barbarian clip on Youtube as ‘playback on other web-sites was disabled by the owner’, but then I wasn’t sure how to watch the rest of the playlist?

    1. Ha! Mandy, I’m SO judging your youtube skills right now. 🙂

      1. Mandy Aspland says:

        Ha ha! Keeps me humble all this technical know-how. Next I’ve got to figure out how to show it in church without an internet connection!

  2. Mandy Aspland says:

    Actually I think I just figured it out! My ignorance of how youtube playlists work is on show for all to see. Thanks again. Great site!

    1. Ha! I’m


      judging you for your lack of youtube skills now.

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