Week 2: Being Human

gods_must_be_crazy_12_the_r4_05Today our family continues our year-long trek through the Bible, following its overarching storyline as laid out in Brian McLaren’s WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING. Our goal is to induct our children (12, 9, and 2) into our love for the Bible, and into a kind of Christian faith that we think is worth believing in. 

This week is chapter 2, Being Human, so our Wednesday-night after-dinner conversation will dive deep into Genesis 2.4-25.

First, we read the main text out loud: Genesis 2.4-25

BibleStoryline-CreationSecond, we watch: The core of my playlist this week is the Garden of Eden story from the History Channel’s BIBLE miniseries, and a clip of THE BIBLE PROJECT unpacking the issues of the story in their usual fun-to-watch ink-sketch style.  Next is my own talk I recorded for my kids for this week, followed by the old Zen story of the Chinese farmer who refuses to judge the events of his life as “good” or “bad.” Then, after dramatic renditions of the Psalm and Mark texts, I’ve included a clip from THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY. The film has some racial undercurrents I don’t like, but it does a good job illustrating the mimetic rivalry issues underlying Genesis 2-3.  Then there’s a clip about aerial wolf hunting, which shows some of what happens when we decide that a species is “evil” and worthy of extermination.  For older kids who might want to think even deeper about this text, I’ve rounded out the playlist with 2 clips laying out Daniel Quinn‘s provocative take on the two trees and their meaning in human history.

My talk:

{After my talk, I read a paragraph or two from We Make the Road by Walking}

Then we have a conversation that lasts as long as we feel like.  Some conversation starters:

  1. What’s one idea from this that is interesting or disturbing or happy or confusing to you?
  2. Share a story about a time when someone judged you, or when you judged them.
  3. What’s something creative you can do with your hands?  What can you do with your hands that’s destructive?



  1. This text is SO rich, it’s hard to keep my focus as narrow as it needs to be to formulate a digestible idea for my kids. My idea is to focus on one aspect (being a creator, not a judge) now, and then go into deeper levels of meaning the NEXT time we come through the text.

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