We Make the Road With Kids

Click here for the full 52-week curriculum: http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=ccdd40202d4263a8788bf307f&id=d18b3970c4
We Make the Road With Kids is a 52-week curriculum for a year-long family trek through the Bible, following its overarching storyline as laid out in Brian McLaren’s We Make the Road by Walking.  We started this because we wanted to induct our children (12, 9, and 2) into our love for the Bible, and into a kind of Christian faith that we think is worth believing in.  Our weekly after-dinner conversations include Scripture readings, watching some YouTube, an extremely short “teaching” section (Don’t worry, each week’s lesson includes a ‘script’ for this) — all of it based on McLaren’s chapter, but adapted for shorter attention spans obsessed with pop culture.

If you want a feel for how we approach the Bible, watch this sample video from our family conversation about Joshua (You know, because it’s such an easy text):

Much of these lessons is laid out in the form of YouTube playlists and links to materials already out there, so it’s all free, and you also have the ability to rearrange the material as you see fit to suit the message you want to send your kids.

At the link above, you can view the archives (All 52 weeks) and/or subscribe to the mailing list. Also, if you’re interested, if you message me on Facebook, I can invite you to our Top-Secret Facebook Group of parents and teachers who are using these materials with kids at home and in church. You and I will have to be “friends” before Facebook will let me invite you to the group, but if you want to de-friend me once you’re in, I promise not to take it personally. https://www.facebook.com/john.d.stonecypher


  1. Can’t wait to dig this up in a few years with my kids! Thanks so much for putting this out there.

    1. I like to think that in a few years, a lot more (and better!) resources will be available to dig up, but I’ll be happy to still be useful. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    You know, now that you’ve started this you’re probably going to have to compile it all into an ebook or book later down the road…. 🙂

    1. Yes Julie, I think you are probably right. It’ll be hard to fit the videos onto paper, but I’m sure i’ll think of something!

  3. Joe says:

    Love the site. Been looking for resources exactly like this to use with my kids as well as students. Thanks!

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