Week 1: Awe and Wonder

tyson_big_bangToday our family starts a year-long trek through the Bible, following its overarching storyline as laid out in Brian McLaren’s WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING. Our goal is to induct our children (12, 9, and 2) into our love for the Bible, and into a kind of Christian faith that we think is worth believing in.  Our weekly after-dinner conversations will include Scripture readings, video-watchings, and a short talk from me — based on McLaren’s chapter, but adapted for 1). Shorter attention spans, and 2). Our family’s two favorite topics: Science, and the Trinity.  All of that will be included in these posts.  When the conversations are particularly good, I will share bits from them in the Comments.

BibleStoryline-CreationThis week is chapter 1, Awe and Wonder. 

Read: Genesis 1.1-2.3; Psalm 19.1-14; Matthew 6.25-34

Watch: The core of the playlist below is the creation story scene from Aronofsky’s NOAH and a bit from Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s COSMOS about the Big Bang, both gorgeously done.  Also included are optional clips you might like: “Creation” by The Bible Project, the theme song from The Big Bang Theory, and video renditions of the readings from Psalm 19 and Matthew 6 (Sometimes kids can get stuff from a screen that they can’t get from a page).

My “talk”:

Why does the universe exist? Why is there something rather than nothing?  We can’t answer that kind of question with the scientific method, and some people think that makes it an unimportant question.  I disagree.  It’s just a question that can only get answered in other ways.

The Bible answers that question something like this:  In the beginning there was Love — the infinite life of love shared by Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  They had a wonderful life, and they loved being together, kind of like we do.  It was so good, they decided to share it with us, and to do that, they needed to make us first.  So they started saying things like “Let there be light” and “Let us make humans in our image.”  And here we are.  That’s where all the beauty and wonder of the cosmos began.  People and planets and particles — everything — we exist to be loved.  And that is exactly what we are.  When I think about that, it makes my heart sing.  I love that I exist.  I especially love that you exist with me.

{I will end my talk with a paragraph or two from McLaren’s chapter}

Conversation Starters:

  1. What’s one idea from this that is interesting or disturbing or confusing to you?
  2. Share a story of a time when you felt awe.
  3. What is your favorite thing God created?


SIDE NOTE: Some readers might be annoyed that we haven’t included anything like a “Creation versus Evolution” debate.  But to us and our kids, that is an uninteresting non-problem, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that discussion. Sorry.


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  • Can’t wait to dig this up in a few years with my kids! Thanks so much for putting this out there.

    • I like to think that in a few years, a lot more (and better!) resources will be available to dig up, but I’ll be happy to still be useful. 🙂

  • Julie

    You know, now that you’ve started this you’re probably going to have to compile it all into an ebook or book later down the road…. 🙂

    • Yes Julie, I think you are probably right. It’ll be hard to fit the videos onto paper, but I’m sure i’ll think of something!

  • Joe

    Love the site. Been looking for resources exactly like this to use with my kids as well as students. Thanks!