Attack of the Jesus Clones: Christian Piatt’s BLOOD DOCTRINE

Blood-doctrine-coverScience needs science fiction as an imaginative sandbox for ideas not yet ready for reality. Jules Verne imagined the first rocket launch; Arthur C. Clarke invented the idea of telecommunications satellites; and the list goes on. I have often wondered what it would look like if Theology had a similar sandbox, a “Theology Fiction” genre in which theologians could stretch their theological visions past their accustomed horizons (and I don’t mean lame-ass “end times” novels; I’m talking real theology here).

Theology Fiction may need a better name, but this poorly-named non-existent genre now has at least one good book in it — Christian Piatt’s new novel, BLOOD DOCTRINE.  The novel asks some worthy theology questions:

  • What would the implications be if someone cloned Jesus of Nazareth?
  • What if they were shadowy cabal of international bad guys?
  • What if the clone grew up not knowing any of this, focusing instead on kicking ass on jazz sax and having a really cute girlfriend?
  • What if the teenage Jesus II started having weird experiences he couldn’t explain?

This was a fun read.  I got to learn about some of the current frontiers in the science of cloning, not to mention some neat bits about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  If you like Da Vinci Code-style adventure and intrigue, Blood Doctrine will make for a great evening read.

And if you can think of a better genre name than “theology fiction,” that would be great too.



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  1. Sa Say says:

    So wish this hadn’t been compared to that complete piece of tripe, The DaVinci Code. Ugh.

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