Ascension: Jesus at Warp 10
When the Enterprise D flexes its muscles, it can top Warp 9 (1,000 times lightspeed) and can theoretically get up to Warp 9.9999999996, but all increases in speed can only add more decimal places — getting closer and closer to Warp 10 without ever reaching it.

Physics-wise, the Ascension of Christ could be described as Jesus traveling at Warp 10.  For the non-Trekkers among us, the important thing to know is that Warp 10 is impossible — It means occupying all points in the universe simultaneously and being completely at rest.  For the non-Jesus-ers among us, the important thing to know is that a few weeks after Jesus rose from the dead, he reportedly flew up into the sky like Superman (Acts 1.9-10).

As Jesus flew away, he didn’t say “My Father lives out in space, and I’m going there now, which means I won’t be with you.”  Nope.  He says “I am with you always” (Matt. 28.20).  A strange thing to hear from someone who is in the process of leaving you.

Imagine the incarnate Jesus, risen from the dead, jetting into space.  Speeding up as he goes.  See ya later, Moon… There goes Mars…Jupiter and Saturn are a blur… Here’s Alpha Centauri… On to Andromeda galaxy… [you get the idea].  If the Borg are trying to follow him, he’s totally left them in the dust by now.

This dude has a destination in mind — EVERYWHERE.  And Warp 10 is the only way to get there.

Far-fetched?  Maybe.  But listen to what Jedi Master Paul has to say:

He “ascended higher than all the heavens, in order to fill the whole universe” (Ephesians 4.10).

Sounds like Warp 10 to me.



  1. carlholmes says:

    Tony Camplo’s talk about Jesus and his death being “Once, for all, and for all mankind” and the theoretical physics of time just blew me away recently. This is definitely worth pondering.

    1. Carl, do you have a link for that? Rethinking time is central to 21st century theology and physics, and I’m still busting my brain on it….

  2. carlholmes says: This one looks promising. The one I was at was here at work and not recorded. His outline is there as well.

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