Why I don’t believe in saving the Earth

EarthDayBecause the Earth doesn’t need saving.  Mother Earth is a tough bitch, and she does just fine.

Earth Day is a celebration of Poor-Bunny Environmentalism.  It’s the idea that humans ought to be “nice” to the Earth like it’s a poor little bunny that needs us big powerful humans to treat it with kindness or it will die.

The Earth knows how to protect herself.  Species that don’t play by her rules don’t last.  Period.  I’m nice to the Earth for the same reason I’m nice to wolves with their teeth on my neck.

The Earth can survive current patterns of human behavior.  Humans cannot.  Most other species on the planet cannot.  What I want to save is Planet Earth’s geological, meteorological, and ecological processes that are necessary for the continued survival of the species that are currently here. Because my species is here, and frankly, I’d like us to stick around for awhile.

All species go extinct eventually.  Mammalian species like ours tend to last something like 5-10 million years, so we ought to have a few million ahead of us yet.  I’d really like to NOT go down in galactic history as the species that went extinct before its time because it drowned in its own poo.  It’s just embarrassing.

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