My Brother the Ape

Genesis 2 taught me a beautiful fact — that humans (and all living things) are related to dirt.

As the story goes, it took God just one day to do all of it:  First, God made Adam out of dirt.  Second, he made plants out of dirt.  And then third, he made animals out of dirt (Genesis 2.7-19 ).  Of course, he followed that up by making Eve out of Adam, which would make her one generation removed from dirt, but that’s still pretty closely related.

Darwin taught me another beautiful fact — that humans and all living things are not just all related to dirt, but we are all related to each other.  Not a huge leap from Genesis 2, really, but learning it changed me forever.

On Cosmos last night, Neil deGrasse Tyson mentioned the distaste that we humans can sometimes feel about that relatedness. He said he could understand and empathize with that distaste, and so can I. Honestly, I’ve felt it myself.

For Lent this year, I am giving up that distaste.

Dear ape brothers and sisters:  I love being related to you.  I hope you like being related to me.


  1. Of course, I DO get a little embarrassed when I see monkeys flinging their own poo at each other. But I bet they get even MORE embarrassed when they see us flinging nuclear bombs at each other. Which projectile is more cringe-worthy?

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