The 3 quests of the spiritual geek

Ringfrodo1.  Destroy the Ring.  This is the quest to come to terms with your Power.  Humans desire the power to find and secure The Good for themselves, and the power to avoid the Evil that might befall them.

The great question here is:  Will you do Evil in order to secure the Good?

2. Learn the ways of the Force.  This is the quest for Truth.  Humans desire to know, to have a mental model of their world which is adequate to the task of navigating life within it.

The great question here is:  Can you modify your mental model when Reality demands it?

3. Join the crew of [  insert name of starship   ] This is the quest to enter into and participate in Beauty.  Humans desire to belong-to and to be-longed-for in a community with a future.  Whether your ship is the Millennium Falcon or the Enterprise, what you want is a free and safe space in which you are free to be-come.

The great question here is: Can you remain in real community when it [inevitably] doesn’t match your fantasies?

If you’re into sci-fi and fantasy and comics, it might not [just] be because you’re immature, but because it’s there more than anywhere else that your path becomes clear.

Think about it.

What are your metaphors for your seeking of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful?


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