Real-world spirituality?

CMS Higgs Event (Collider at CERN)

When I geek-out over science or books or technology or whatever, it’s not [just] because I’m immature.  Geeking-out is about recognizing Goodness, Truth and Beauty, and responding with Joy:

  • I get excited about Doctor Who because it is Good.
  • I love The Hunger Games because it is True.
  • I dream about String Theory because it is Beautiful.

I believe that when I experience the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, I am glimpsing the heart of Reality.  When the ancients had such encounters, they used words like “Sacred” and “Holy.”  My word for it is “Cool.”

My spirituality is my way of relating to the Cool. 

It’s my way of integrating my geeking-out with the rest of my life.  Because whatever Coolness is, it’s part of the real world I live in everyday.

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