Blessed are the poorly adapted

This is a guest blog post from another one of my writing projects.  Enjoy!  (More Jesus-on-Facebook here). A snippet:

Blessed are those poorly adapted to their environment.

Blessed are the scrawny, slow, and sick members of the herd.

Blessed are all of us losers in the game of life.

Because a New Game is emerging in the world, and it determines winners and losers a little differently. We at the bottom of the heap are in fact the salt of the earth—the seeds of the future, the pioneer species of New Creation.

I’m not bashing the Old Creation. I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. Nature has been doing its job just fine; it’s just that the job is now changing. Humans have thrived for over 2 million years on this planet because of our drives for aggression, sex, and consumption. But now our world is changing, and those very same instincts are driving us to extinction.

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