John 1.42-51 (Thursday) – Phil and Nate

DAY FOUR:  Jesus decided to pack up and start home to Galilee (He had a wedding to go to).  That was when he met Phil:

“Come with me”

(44) Phil (and Andy and Pete) lived in Galilee too, Bethsaida to be exact. (45) He went to tell their buddy Nate:

“Dude, we found him—‘The One’ Moses and the prophets wrote about—It’s Jesus, that guy from Nazareth!”

“My dear Philip, when good things come, they are usually classy enough to come from places that aren’t Nazareth.  Duh.”

“Just come see!”

(47) When Jesus saw Nate, he said:

“Ah yes, Nate!  There’s a Jew who never makes you wonder what’s on his mind.”

(48) Um, do we know each other?

“Yeah, I know you.  I saw you before Phil talked to you, under the fig tree.”

(49) “Whoa.  Boss…it really is you—Papa’s son, Israel’s king.”

(50) “You’re impressed by the fig tree thing?  You’ll see bigger things than that. (51) For real. Before we’re done, you will see through the fabric of space and time, and you will see angels going about their business across the bridge of heaven and earth—Me.

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