John 1.35-41 – (Wednesday) Andy, John, and Pete

DAY THREE:  John, with two of his students, (36) saw Jesus again and shouted: “Check it out—the Lamb from Papa, the One!” (37) When the students heard this, they went over to Jesus:

(38) “What’s up?” Jesus said.

“Where’s your camp, Boss? Can we come over?”

(39) “Come see.”

So they hung out with him that day, until about 4pm.  (40) One of them, Andy, (41) immediately afterward ran to tell his brother Simon:

“The One!  We have found him!”

(42) He brought Simon to Jesus, who looked up and said:

 “You’re John’s son, Simon, right?  From now on, your name is Pete.”

 “Um.  Okay.”


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