Romans 16.21-27 – The Open Secret

Everybody here in Corinth says Hi:

  • Tim (Illegal)
  • Luc, Jay, and Sos (Citizens)
  • (22) Tert (who is writing this letter as Paul dictates it)
  • (23) Gaius (in whose house we are currently crashing)
  • Erastus (who manages public works for the city)
  • Brother Cort

(25) Papa is able to root you deep in open secret of Jesus—forever hidden (26) but now shouted from the rooftops by the ancient prophets—the secret that Illegals are included along with Citizens, that Illegals who believe the truth about reality will experience a renewed life.  (27) May all people everywhere embrace Papa’s wisdom in this, forever through Jesus—AMEN!

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