John 1.1-5,14 – The Force became a guy who hung out with us

From behind and above and before all things was The Force, surrounding us and binding us.  The Force was with Papa, and The Force was God together with Papa and Sarayu (2) from the very beginning. (3) Everything that exists, came into being because The Force called it forth. (4) The Force is the beginning of aliveness, the Life that is the key that unlocks all knowledge. (5)  The  Force has invaded the Dark Side, and the Dark Side has lost . . . . (14) The Force became a guy who hung out with us.  We have looked The Force in the eye, and nothing of him is now hidden from us, because we have him, Papa’s Boy, the One source and destiny of all life and all knowledge.


Merry Christmas from The Shack Bible Project!

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