8 ways to poison your soul (Galatians 5.19-22)

When you see and think with Sarayu’s clarity of mind, it becomes obvious to you that what your body craves is deadly poison:

  1. Having sex without real intimacy, vulnerability and commitment
  2. Disregarding the boundaries that keep you (and others) safe
  3. (20) Arranging your life around things that aren’t worth arranging your life around
  4. Trying to control things that aren’t yours to control
  5. Letting hard feelings fester under the surface of your relationships, instead of dealing with conflicts head-on
  6. Attacking and excluding people who have hurt you
  7. (21) Valuing things more than people
  8. Using pharmaceuticals and parties to avoid dealing with reality

Like I’ve told you many times, these things are poison because they are all ways to avoid receiving what we have been promised!  The Triune Life has been given to us, and these poisonous behaviors are all ways of running away from the gift!  To avoid dealing with reality is to imprison yourself inside your own toxic myths.

[The above is a commentary on Galatians 5.19-21]


  1. uwa odim says:

    l pray for the grace of God for us to bear the fruits of the spirit.

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