The Shack Bible is asked to REPENT (again)

The good news is the Shack Bible Project gets noticed now and then.  The bad news is, it’s mainly getting noticed by the sort of websites that have the word REPENT! in big red letters on their first page.  The Apologetic Coordination Team, for example.  So basically, no one’s inviting me to the prom, but they care enough to throw tomatoes at me.  It’s no fun to be ignored.

Seriously though, this is good.  My goal is to provoke fresh engagement with the Scriptures, and these responses mean that the “provoke” part is gaining traction in the wider world.  For now, the “fresh engagement” part is confined to just a few of us, but our voice is getting heard more and more.

Thanks to Ken Silva (detractor but tentative friend) for pointing this site out to me.

What do you think?  Does The Shack Bible help you avoid the ACTUAL Bible?  In other words, are you the sort of weenie who watched the Lord of the Rings movie but has no intention of ever reading the books?


  1. Niki says:

    The Shack Bible gives me a fresh way of looking at the scriptures that have been in my heart since I was a child (and are currently in permanent ink on my body) and I’d MUCH rather engage this discussion than one that begins with my judgement in big red letters. 😉

    Is faith that is not tested really faith at all?

  2. shackbible says:

    Thx Niki, I’m glad I’m having the desired effect, on some people at least. I’m just saying what I think the Bible says, and I expect most people to disagree with me at least on some things. But I love when people hear me and say “Huh, interesting,” and then go read their Bibles again.

  3. Ken Silva says:

    “Ken Silva (detractor but tentative friend)…”

    John, I can assure you that I have nothing personal against you whatsoever.

    From what I can tell, you seem like a nice guy who’s very sincere in his beliefs.

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to fault in that, friend. 🙂

  4. shackbible says:

    Ken, that means a lot to me. I appreciate and welcome your friendship, which I now consider well past the “tentative” stage. Blessings, friend!

  5. Ken Silva says:

    No worries John. I am merely opposing your teachings, not you personally.

    Essentially we’re opponents on the spiritual playing field of ideas ala a physical football game.

  6. Doug says:

    I’ve never done anything perfectly, including repent. In response to John the Baptist’s reluctance to baptize him, Jesus said, “Let us do this to fulfill all righteousness.” (Mat 3:15). John’s baptism focused on repentance, leading me to believe that Jesus did/continues to do that perfectly for me! I continue to confess/repent but now do so knowing that my imperfect attempts are replaced by his perfect one.

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