Romans 14.13-15.4 – Salad love

Don’t judge.  Work to make each other’s journey easier, not harder. (14) I am convinced that anything edible is fine to eat–both plants and animals.  But if someone thinks it’s not okay, then it really isn’t okay for them. (15) If you are knowingly wounding your friend with your dietary choices, you’re not being a very kind friend. If Jesus could die for them, how hard is it for you to eat salad for them?

(16) If meat-eating is okay for you but not okay for your friends, don’t do it while they’re watching. (17) Because the essence of Papa’s revolution is not food, but rather is the harmony/joy that Sarayu brings to our relationships. (18) When you serve Jesus in this way, both Papa and your friends will find you more enjoyable to have around. (19) Do things that enhance harmony and shared growth. (20) Don’t let Papa’s work go to waste just because you want a hamburger.  Hamburgers are fine, (21) but not when they impede your friends’ healing process. (22) Your decisions about food are between you and Papa. If you’re cool with all food, that’s super. (23) But those who aren’t are in a real jam, because it’s really not okay for them to act in ways that violate their beliefs.

(15.1) Your preferences matter, but not as much as helping newbies along in their journey. (2) We accommodate their idiosyncrasies to smoothe out their path of transformation. (3) For Jesus, satisfying his own desire for comfort was never top priority:

“Don’t freak out when they bitch at you, because really they’re just bitching at me.”

(4) This is the kind of thing the Bible was written to teach us, to persistently cheer us on and open us up to the good future Papa is giving us every day.


  1. vendlerius says:

    Not only is this poor translation, it is poor English composition. On top of that, you don’t even seem to get the point of this passage of Scripture.

    On the other hand, I am sure you will find a lot of people to buy this drivel and at least you will feel some degree of vindication for your misguided and poorly executed effort.

    1. Wow. That guy really needs to read Romans 14 & 15 in ANY version and let it sink in. Bad attitudes are also misguided.

      1. shackbible says:

        I figure it’s justice for me to get a few mean words directed at me, since I’ve spent a good deal of my own life in “Throw-online-grenades-at-heretics-for-Jesus” mode. Now I know how all those “heretics” felt when I did that.

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