Romans 12.9-21 – Take care of people, regardless of their religion

Papa, Jesus and Sarayu have great affection for one another and for all the people around you.  Join the party! Share in their hatred of evil and their love of good. (10) Enter into Papa’s fondness for the people around you. Do everything you can to set them up for success, to make them look good. (11) When you run out of enthusiasm for doing good, Jesus has plenty to share. Free refills!

(12) Celebrate the fact that you know the One who is the world’s Future, and join Him in patiently and prayerfully bearing the pain of the world’s present. (13) Take care of people, regardless of their religion, regardless of whether or not they are your friends, (14) and regardless of how they treat you. (15) Share in their laughter. Share in their tears. (16) Dance together to the tune of the Triune friendship. That means seeing the basic commonality between you and everybody else—that you’re not out of anybody’s league, that everybody is worth hanging out with, that you’re not any smarter than anybody.

(17) If somebody hurts you, don’t go and try to hurt them back. (18) Do what you can to be at peace with everyone. (19) Don’t seek revenge.  Remember: “Justice is made by Papa, not you.”

(20) If those who hate you need food, give them some. If they need a drink, give them one. Your kindness will hurt them even more than unkindness, but it will be a good pain.

(21) In the end, good wins out over evil. Join the winning team now.

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