The Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6.9-13)

Hi, Papa. I’m so happy you’re the one who’s running things. You are wonderful to me; there’s no one quite like you.  I can’t wait for the day when the whole world will know you fully and happily work at your side.  But in the meantime, take care of my needs today.  Help me to share in your cheerful love for me and for everyone, despite the bad choices we will make today. Help me to respond wisely to today’s little trials, so that they won’t grow into big trials for tomorrow. Help me not to believe lies today. You rock.


  1. This is awesome, John! I will be using it at the end of sermon on Sunday (don’t worry I will give credit where it is due – to the Holy Spirit and to you.)

  2. Sir…. Are you drinking…!?!??… You know, Lord Jesus is capable to help you with that nasty habit. Just ask Him. (before its to late…)

    1. shackbible says:

      Hi Julia, is there something specific you can point me to, something that would improve what I’ve written?

    2. Julia, I second shackbible’s request. Why not give him a substantive comment on what you’d like to see done differently or written in a better way?

  3. Love it – have already shared it twice today! God does totally rock. By the way, is that Saayid in the picture?

    1. shackbible says:

      *grin* Yes, Sayiid is totally my casting pick for Jesus. I know the Jesus character is not supposed to be particularly “handsome,” but Sayiid is still perfect. So is Gloria Foster (“The Oracle”) for Papa, although her being dead is an obstacle. Not sure about Sarayu, so I just stuck in the “Crouching Tiger” girl.

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