Epiphany 5 – Is your society anorexic? – TAKE THE QUIZ! (Isa 58.1-12)

As Jesus said, our real food is “to do the will of Papa,” but a growing number of societies are being diagnosed with societal anorexia—a disease in which civilizations fast from basic social nutrients and go extinct as a result.  Human history is littered with the corpses of civilizations that failed to feed themselves the minimum daily requirement of justice.  Is your society in danger of dying from societal anorexia?  Find out by taking our simple quiz.  Your civilization skips a meal each time one of the following occurs:

  • Every time a laborer is paid less than a fair wage (Isaiah 58.3).
  • Every time a conflict is resolved with violence, rather than honest communication (58.4).
  • Every time a human being is enslaved by un-payable debt (58.6).
  • Every time someone lacks access to adequate food, shelter, and clothing (58.7, 10).
  • Every time blame and dishonesty pass for social discourse (58.9b).
  • Every time lip service is paid to any one of the above (58.5).

Your society eats a meal each time it works together to “remove [these things] from among you” (58.9b).  If your society is showing any of the above symptoms, seek immediate medical help.  Ask for the Great Physician.

– The Shack Bible Lectionary – Epiphany 5, Year A

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