Romans 12.3-8 – Jesus’ beautiful body

Let Sarayu overcome your tired old prejudices, so that you will be able to see Papa–and everything–more clearly. (3) Give up the legends you have invented about yourselves to soothe your egos.  Take an honest look at yourself, including the stuff you don’t like. It’s okay to face the truth about yourself, because Papa made you, and Papa don’t make no junk.

(4) Each of us is part of something beautiful that is bigger than ourselves.  Like how a body has lots of parts, and the different body parts do different things. (5) Master Jesus has a body, each part living in perfect harmony with the others.  That is the unity he has drawn us into, the unity he has given us to experience with each other. As his body in the world, we are part of him and of each other. (6) Sarayu moves in each of us to do the various things the body needs done. Whether you’re a truth-teller or care-giver, teacher, (8) encourager or giver, team-leader or do-gooder, it is Sarayu who draws you and enables you to do what you do.

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