Rom 10.16-21 – Citizens jealous of Illegals

(16) Not all Citizens believe Jesus’ message. We share in Isaiah’s frustration:

 “Master, who has believed our message?”

 (17) The message provokes belief from those who hear it, and even the hearing itself is a work the Master has already accomplished for us. (18) So I wonder about the people who have not believed: Did they not hear?  But then I remember that of course they did:

 “The message has gone global!
Everywhere you go, there it is.”

 (19) So they HEARD it, but did they maybe not UNDERSTAND it?  Moses answers that question:

 “You Citizens will be envious of Illegals.
Those who understand will be surpassed by those who don’t.”

 (20) Of Illegals, Isaiah says:

 “They found me without even trying,
They got me without asking for me”

 (21) But with Citizens, it’s a different story:

 “I constantly seek them,
But they refuse to be found.”

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