Romans 9.30-33 – Illegal Immigrants

So how are we to make sense of all this?

Illegal immigrants are living the Good Life that was supposed to be for law-abiding citizens.  Did they have to work for this?  No!  Their lives are good simply because they believe the truth about Papa and about themselves. (31) Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens have been working their fingers to the bone, trying to obey the rules, but they have not found the Good Life that Torah wanted for them.

(32) Why not?  Simple: They were working as if their Life depended on their work rather than on the work of Jesus. They were trying to create Life, rather than embrace the reality of Life they had already been freely given.  The free grace of Jesus is The Rock that trips up all our self-salvation schemes. (33) Remember what the prophet said:

“Watch this… I am placing The Rock in Jerusalem, and  he will be the tripping-point for all this bootstrapping nonsense. But those who cling to The Rock will not regret it.”

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