Eph 4.17-23 – Clear thinking=Liberated living

(17) This is non-negotiable: Don’t live like those who grope around in the darkness, trapped inside their own minds, following their own uninformed opinions and blind mythologies. (18) They don’t know what’s real.  Because of their arrogant refusal to hear and believe, the Triune Life is alien to them; they don’t know the One who has embraced them. (19) To avoid Him, they have de-sensitized themselves to reality; they have lived without boundaries, ignoring their limits, always eager to find a new way to poison themselves and everything around them.

(20) Jesus taught you better than that! (21) If you know the truth, you know Him. (22) He taught you to walk away from your false self, with its thoughts and feelings so distorted by its constantly dissatisfied cravings. (23) He taught liberated living through clear thinking. (24)  He has forged in himself a new humanity, and he has taught us to put it on like a new set of clothes—our new life that shares fully in the Triune passion for goodness in our souls and in the world.


  1. Jared says:

    Is this a response to the recent bull-sh** Glenn Beck has been spewing? It’s quite appropos.

  2. shackbible says:

    As part of my personal anger management plan, I TRY to ignore political talk media. =) So in this case, no, I’m not aware of what Glenn Beck is saying these days.

  3. Jared says:

    He’s saying that if your pastor or church says anything positive about “social justice” to report them to your bishop or church authorities, and if they don’t act on it, that you should leave quickly because “social justice” is just a code word for Marxism.

    Unfortunately, I have friends who listen to his stupid crap, so I have to inform myself. It doesn’t get me as riled up as it used to. Their ignorance is not my personal responsibility to correct.

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