Gal 6.11-18 – Brag about the cross, not your wang

(11) WHOAH — Check out my handwriting! — Now you can see why I usually dictate my letters to a scribe! (12) Anyway, those guys who are trying to push you into wang surgery — They are just posers who are scared of bearing the cross of Jesus. (13) They don’t really live by Torah; they just like bragging about their artificially sculpted wangs. They want you to undergo surgery so they can brag about YOUR wangs, and that’s just WEIRD.

(14) I don’t brag about wangs; the only thing I brag about is the cross of Master Jesus. Because of the cross, the world cannot control me anymore, and I have lost all interest in controlling the world. (15) Because now I know that the things that divide us are nothing; but THE NEW CREATION THAT UNIFIES US IS EVERYTHING. (16) Those who live by this truth will know the grace and peace of living as children of Papa.

(17) From now on, don’t let the religion-nazis make trouble for me. It doesn’t matter whether or not my body has been sculpted by human surgery. Because—in body, mind, and spirit—I have been transformed by the wounds of Jesus. (18) May your spirit overflow with the grace and peace of Master Jesus. AMEN.


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