Gal 4.21-31 – Papa doesn’t want slaves

(21) Let’s try another line of thought:  Okay, you who want to let Torah run your lives, why don’t you go ahead and do what Torah actually says:

(22) Abraham had one son from slave woman and another son from a free woman. (23) The slave child resulted from Abraham’s clumsy attempt to accomplish by his own effort what Papa had promised to do for him.  The free child came from Papa himself, according to what she had promised. (24) Do you see what I’m getting at here?  The slave woman is Torah, bearing slave children (25) who are crushed under the weight of rules they are unable to keep.  (26) But the free woman is OUR mother: (27) “You with the barren womb, shout ‘WOOHOO!’  Burst into song and dance!  For your children shall outnumber all others.” (28) You, my friends, are children not of slavery but of promise. Your life is not about struggling to obey some taskmaster’s demands.  Your life is about receiving the beautiful life Papa has promised.

(29) But remember how the rest of the story goes.  The slave woman’s child abused the free woman’s child.  That abuse continues to this day, as the Torah-fetishists persecute those who live in the freedom of the Spirit. (30) Listen to what the Bible tells us to do in this situation: “Let the captives go.  Send them away, both the slave woman and her child. The inheritance will be received only by the free.” (31) Friends, we are children not of slavery but of freedom!

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