Gal 3.19-22 – Okay, so Moses was awesome, but not THAT awesome

(19) So if Torah doesn’t save us, then what was it good for?  Simple:  Papa gave us Torah to give us clear boundaries, in order to restrain our behavior just enough to keep us from destroying ourselves before the Heir arrives. 

With Torah (which came to us through Papa’s own messengers), Moses mediated the relationship between Papa and us. (20) As humanity’s ambassador to Papa, Moses did a pretty okay job.  He was, after all, human.  But because he was not also divine, Moses could not be a very effective ambassador from Papa to humanity.  After all, a real ambassador ought to be a citizen of the country he represents.  But as we all know, “God is one,” and that One’s name is definitely not “Moses.”

(21) Please understand, I’m not bashing Torah.  Torah is the servant of the promise, not its enemy.  If Papa had given us rules that could have healed the world, then the rules certainly would have accomplished exactly that.  (22) But that was never Papa’s intent for Torah.  She gave us Torah to break us of this idea that by our own efforts we can make a good life for ourselves.  Our utter failure to follow Torah has made it painfully obvious to us that we are STUCK, imprisoned by our inability to life a good life on our own. 

When we come to this realization, when we acknowledge and accept our own powerlessness, we become able to receive what we have been given.  It becomes possible for us to believe and experience the truth — that when Papa gave us her Son, she was fulfilling her promise to Abraham.  When the Son of Papa united himself with humanity, he united humanity forever with the Triune Life of blessing and being blessed!

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